Jetski Holiday in Croatia

We look forward to a wonderful Jet Ski cruise with you!

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Prices & Dates for your Jetski-Motorboat-Sailing vacation in Croatia

For your unforgettable Jetski-Motorboat-Sailing vacation in Croatia, we can offer you attractive moderate prices. Find out more about our routes & bases of our trips.

You can decide between:

  • Jetski-Motorboat-Sailing for a long weekend (Krk € 290,-) or
  • for a whole week (€ 550,-).
  • All offers include 2-3 hours of driving jetski & motorboats

Extra water sports / activities (e.g. waterskiing, wakeboarding, tube) are possible after the initial booking, however they are not included in the price(but can be). Delicious and reasonably priced meals can be organised in local restaurants upon request.


With Jetski-Motorboat-Sailing almost all extra costs, while onboard the sail boat, are included in the original price. When extra petrol is needed for the jetskis, this is also included in the original price. Extra costs include entrance tickets to National Parks and meals in restaurants, the skipper are exempt from these costs. Any wishes or request should be discussed with the crew at the beginning of each day. We will aim to meet those wishes and requests and where possible we will include more nature, culture and sport experiences.

Additional Jetski-trips:
  • JETSKISAFARI 2 hour 100 €
  • TUBE 15 min. 35€, 30 min.60€
  • WAKEBOARD same price like TUBE
  • JETSKI alone driving one hour 90€

When you would like to sail alone, we will need advanced notice of your sailing licence and the mandatory insurance. Evidence of these documents will also need to be provided. Without a license, you may drive with the skipper on board.