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Sailing in Croatia means to experience the nautical world and the beauty of nature in a new dimension. Along our route, you will also find a rich array of historical monuments. All you need is to get in touch with us and to get ready for your adventure trip.

Our chartered boats include Bavaria 36, Etap 32,Bavaria 44,Sun Odyssey 32,Oceanis 45 and others. Consider a Jetski Safari in addition!

Experience sailing in the Adriatic Sea

Depending on interest we can offer skipper training for FB2 – exam, other sailing licenses, sailing for couples, for sporting teams or for any other groups.

There are many facets to the sophisticated sport of sailing, these include:

Sailing Croatia
  • Yacht steering system, motor or sail.
  • Boating techniques (specialist terminology such as  rig, lashing e.g. knots, drive and electronics, the technical systems of gas, water, disposal, pumps, etc.)
  • Navigation ( nautical chart, GPS, sea beacons, radar, etc.)
  • Laws (International PEAM rules – collision avoidance rules)
  • Meteorology (basic meteorology, weather maps, etc.)
  • Safety and first aid (collision, water intake, ‘man over board’ – POB, signal instruments, rescue gear, etc.)
  • Radio UKW  and electronics (UKW, technical equipment)
  • Sailing theory (stability,windward side,  leeward side, etc.)

Experience sailing - Useful information

Problems and stressful situations are sometimes hard to avoid while on board a boat. Therefore team work while sailing is very important and more difficult than by many other forms of sport.  Psychology and philosophy (hermeneutics, dialectics and often phenomenology) each play a large role when sailing.  They are the key to successful co-operation between the skipper and the crew.  

A responsible team

The responsibility of any job that comes up while on board, must be coordinated and completed by members of the crew. Here all members of a crew are responsible.  The rules on board are similar to those in the military – team work and further development must be supported.  Conflict situations should be dealt with through self analytical mental training. It operates very much like a country – cooperating well together will equal rewards.  

Sailing trip Croatia

Forever friends

It is said that a sailing boat is the “best place” to really get to know someone and a good basis for a friendship to flourish.  When everything works out, than is the goal of sailing successful – superb nature, culture and sporting experiences, sun, wonderful sand beaches, new friendships, exploring unknown islands and new countries, great food and much more...

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