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Jetski-Motorboat-Sailing (Routes & Starting points) in Croatia

Our routes will take you on your scouting expeditions along gorgeous islands and cities

An overview on the starting points of our routes:

Jetski Starting Points

Upon desire, you can explore the entire Adriatic coast from Rijeka (Krk) in the North, passing by Sukosan-Kornati (Vrulje) in the middle Adriatic Sea, up to Dubrovnik (Cavtat) in the South.

Adriatic Sea - North: Island of Krk – Villages Punat or Krk

Krk (lat.Curicta, ital.Veglia) is the biggest and most significant city on the island of Krk.  On the west coast of the island is a harbor and health resort in the same cove.  Not far off Krk is the island Cres, which is about the same size as Krk.  These islands are some of the biggest islands in the Adriatic Sea.

From the west side of the island of Krk, you have the opportunity to sail to and visit other islands (Goli Otok, an old prison, Rab, the sand island Susak, etc.).  Jetski safari also offers the opportunity to experience an array of culture, nature and as well as sporting adventures.

Adriatic Sea - Middle: Sukosan & the Kornati islands - village of Vrulje

The Kornati islands are true island paradises in the Adriatic Sea.  They are a densely arranged group of islands, whose wild and captivating beauty in this modern age remains untouched.  Therefore it is ideal for sailing, diving and individualism.  Many call the National Park on the Kornati islands the “Robinson-Paradies”, because most of the islands are uninhabitated.  George Bernhard Shaw wrote about the islands: „On the last day of creation the Lord would crown his work – he created the Kornati islands of stars, tears and divine breath“.

You will find our apartments in Sukosan; however if you wish, arrangements can be made for overnight accommodation in the Kornati islands, on Vrulje in the village of Konoba (“Robinson”).

Adriatic Sea - South: village of Cavtat or Dubrovnik

Cavtat (lat. Epidaurus, it. Ragusavecchia) is 17km south from Dubrovnik and the last village in the historic region of Dalmatia.  In this ancient region once stood the Greek settlement of Epidauros.  From 228 AD the settlement came under Roman command and was renamed Epidaurum, it later became a roman colony.


This area is connected with the African climate; this will become very apparent upon exiting the airplane and breathing in the warm air! Here we offer one week Jetski-Safari.

The accommodation is the stone house of the artistic family Faggioni-Bukovac.  Dubrovnik and its cultural heritage, the beautiful islands with their lighthouses, Cavtat and its gorgeous beaches, the National Park on the island of Mljet, the trip with jet skis to Montenegro – all loudly declared by sailors as the most beautiful land in the world – and many other things, that unfortunately can not be completed within one week, are what wait you.  For gourmets there is only one thing to order „Kozletina ispod saca“– goat meat, cooked in a special pot and prepared on a grill, or grilled vegetables for vegetarians.

The Jetski-Motorboat-Sailing Routes in Croatia

Our Jetski starting points and routes for northern, middle and southern Croatia:


The Islands of Krk and Kornati and the town of Cavtat

The Island of Krk

1.The beautiful sand beaches on the island of Rab
2.The island of Goli otok, which use tob e a prison
3.The town of Rab, with its many places of interest.

Sukosan- Kornati

1. The narrow strait of Mali Zdrelac
2. The area of Telascica
3. The natural paradise of Vrulje.


1.The island Supetar
2. The island Mrkan
3. The island Bobara
4.The village Kupari
5.Molunat,a famous fishing village.


Island of Mljet – National Park

1. Sobra
2. Polace
3. Pomena
4. Soline-Jezero

These villages are the gateway to places of indescribable natural beauty.

We recommend to have a look at these amazing places on google. You will love to see them in nature during your trip.


Dubrovnik and the Elaphiten Islands

1.The island of Lokrum (Monastery, Botanical gardens with a beautiful Panorama view)
2. Dubrovnik (the city wall)
3. The island of Elaphiten (with access to the islands of Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan)
4. Sveti Andrija lighthouse (which is still operated by a lighthouse keeper).

For the island of Lokrum you will need to give yourself a whole day. This is because the island is full of multiple cultural places of interest and natural beauty.  Therefore the tour of this area is spread out over a number of days.

All these tested routes are only examples of our tours and activities, we are always open to variations in these routes where desired.

Upon request, we can also organise other wonderful nature tours, for example a tour to the “Golden Horn” of the island of Brac, tours to Montenegro or to southern Italy.

Contact us and send us your request.

We are looking forward to get in touch with you and to let your dream holiday become real.

Piero & Lorenzo Faggioni - Jetski-Motorboat-Sailing Croatia

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